Welcome to my online collection of change-ringing compositions. Contained within these pages is a selection of my compositions, arrangements, and transpositions. By no means do I claim these to be better than other existing compositions; these are compositions I have come up with to suit the bands with which I ring, and the bells on which we ring. To my knowledge all of these compositions are original, however there may be some that are not. Those I know not to be original are indicated as such, however if there are any which have been claimed elsewhere, please let me know. All of these compositions have been computer proven, however there is always the chance that a transcription error has been made between proof and upload: conductors are thus advised to check any compositions before calling.

None of these compositions have been computer generated: only computer proven.

Many of these compositions contain changes which fit my own personal tastes, and constructions which I like. They may not be innovative; they may not be elegant.

Compositions are mostly listed in length order, the shortest being at the top of the page.

A note on music: I define CRU (as most do) as XY78(90ET), where XY is a combination of 2 of 4/5/6. 144 of these are possible, being 24 each 56,65,46,64,45,54.
Little bell runs (abbreviated to LBX, where X is the number of bells in the run) are counted to include the 7th. Ie, LB4 could be 1234, 2345, 3456, or 4567.

Finally, I should like to thank the authors of ‘Sirilic’ and the ‘Stedman Course Pricker II’ as their programs have been incredibly useful in the proof of this collection.

Please do notify me of any errors: AlexTatlow(at)Hotmail(dot)Com

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